The Transformation Of ‘Me’ Into A ‘Digital Me’

With the advent of modern technology, humankind has progressed exponentially. Driver less cars, medical cures to terminal diseases and virtual networking being some of the fruits of the ever-growing science. But have you ever realized how the fast pacing technology affects one’s identity in the modern contemporary era. For me it is not a sociological but an experiential question. One needs to relate oneself to the amount of hours spent on the use of technology to the effective loss of hours which could have been utilized for socializing. This perspective being subjective in nature cannot be verified through an empirical analysis. The greater the existence in the virtual world the greater it inversely effects the idea of one’s being in the real physical world. The strength of virtual networking is such that it has hampered upon our social skills and created a hiatus in our daily social interactions. However, we all are inextricably imbibed in this modern phase and I see no reason to deny this quotient of indissolubility of our identity with technology. The fact that the use as well as the misuse of technology is in the hands of the user one should inherently limit and suggest the circumference of ones interaction with modern-day technology. The interface between human and technology is mutually coexisting in nature and the dependency factor in such an equation is quite high. Any form of departure from all forms of technology will be reversion to the state of nature and is highly preposterous. The evolution of the digital self is directly linked to the active exposure one receives through electronic modes of communications such as internet, media, movies etc. Placing the responsibility on the individual is the only solution to the rise of compulsive internet usage disorder among the youths of today. The balance and harmony are to be maintained as human are social animals. Any replacement of ‘in person’ communicative skills through ‘internet chat’ does not positively fulfill the innate human desire to socialize but does serve the objective of connectivity. As I stated earlier that this idea of transformation is subjective and experience based, I would tell you about the change in the nature of relationship between me and my one friend due to the advancement of the telecom sector (let’s call that person ‘X’ for purpose of anonymity). I and my friend shared a cordial relation from childhood. However, after we left for our higher studies in different cities the flame of our friendship grew dull due to growing distance. But, then came the savior chat system of instant messaging and now I remain connected to my friend even when I am hundreds of miles away. And whenever I meet my friend in person we always talk and mingle in the same manner as we used to before; sometimes even more than before! This shows that if wisely used, technology can play a great role in the rise of interpersonal relationships but it is up to an individual to constraint himself and not to allow oneself to fall slave to the technology. I embrace my digital self but with great circumspection and caution and I would conclude by saying that “Technology isn’t all obsessive and gross if the user makes it known to the technology who’s the boss.”

The Transformation Of ‘Me’ Into A ‘Digital Me’

2 thoughts on “The Transformation Of ‘Me’ Into A ‘Digital Me’

  1. I think one should celebrate one day as “NO TECH DAY” so that one would get a chance to realise both the things as how life could be without technology and other one will realise what he missed with the evolution of new digital world. I must say one will realise that we should follow the balance other wise we wouldn’t be able to save our self from the predicaments that we are facing and that we r gonna face.
    I appreciate the movie ‘ Jaane tu ya Jaane na…’where imran avoided the use of mobile phone which is the main attracting point for me in the movie but at last one has to meet him face to face which is far far better than beeping message whose emotions one has to interpret in his own style which is worse in some situations. Moreover I urge everyone to write letters and post them to your relatives or friends , even I followed that and it is amazing experience as with letter one feels reality of ones presence and can save it for memories which can be seen by new generations and rejuvenate the situation again and again. I have experienced it as when my grand pa expired we opened his old trunk and found many diaries and letters from his relatives and friends and we get a chance to share to each visitor and give them again a new memories that one has forgotten. Technology brings great changes and we appreciate this but in lure of comfort and ease we should not forget to make demanding balance.


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