From the very beginning of time humans have reflected themselves to be insecure creatures. This insecurity of humankind has considerably reduced through the epochs of fruition of humankind because of the development of human reason. In the ancient world thundering and lightening was considered to be the wrath of various gods and goddesses but today we have a scientific explanation for the same. However, science is yet to solve the riddle called ‘Religion & Faith’. Faith in a particular religion has remained in different forms throughout the world and are broadly termed as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jewish, Zoroastrianism etc. Organized religion has compelled people across the world to believe in ideas which neither can be proved logically nor by the use of science yet do the followers believe in the faith propagated by the particular religion. The only pillar of support for the arguments forwarded by the religious leaders of the world is through invocation of the scriptures or the so-called ‘Word of God’. But it does surprise me as to how in the name of religion enormous amount of money is donated by individuals from all walks of life. If we observe carefully, it is not the religion which usually demands for a lot of money (except for tithes in Christianity and alms in Islam) it is the religious institutions which seek money for their own welfare. I am personally not against religion but I am in search of truth on the basis of provable scientific principles and rationales. It would be outrageous to propagate that if one does good deeds in this life, s/he will go to heaven or hell. For a rationalist to believe in such an idea, existence of heaven and hell need to be proved first in order to justify the other premise. Various other questions such as existence of soul, afterlife, Karmic cycle, miracles etc. need to be proven logically. Skepticism is the essence of progress of our power to reason and any belief which is contrary to my power to reason requires a re-look. I disagree to agree on the idea of religious faith without the consonance of reason. Belief has a core of uncertainty and I urge the reader to realize that unless and until the core is certain one should not allow the faith to overshadow reason.


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