Crisis faced by Youths

Youths are defined as individuals in the age group of 14-28. They have always acted as positive change makers in changing global context. However, the youth of today is facing three major problems. These problems are such that they inevitably impact the global welfare. Firstly, lack of employment plagues  youth from across the world. Because of lack of job opportunities youths feel disempowered, discouraged and disheartened. Opportunity to work is very essential for creating a peaceful society as the responsibility to build a stable nation rests on the shoulders of the youth. Secondly, the next major problem faced by the youth is lack of access to education. Education is an everlasting process of learning which ultimately culminates into enlightenment of the individual. Unfortunately, many youths of today lack the required skill set to perform most of the professional jobs due to lack of access to education. This leaves the youths as an educated yet an ill-equipped lot. The third problem is the lack of guidance and assistance. It is to be noted that several educated youths receive no moral guidance, especially in conflict ridden areas, and they are exploited by political, subversive and radicalized groups for their own selfish purposes.  Youths being individuals at the prime of their age get easily swayed in lieu of money, ideas or other such benefits.  This is the misuse of youth energy and potential.  To curb all such situations of crisis the solution lies in raising awareness about such issues through the use of social media, generating
debates on such issues at school level and organizing youth sensitizing camps which would help youths to realise and direct their energy for constructive purposes. Encouraging entrepreneurship and providing free vocational training would also provide youths with the required skill set for performing various jobs and seeking a secure life for themselves.

Crisis faced by Youths

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