I toil everyday as I work for you

Day and night; I work for you

A square meal a day is all I crave

But it costs me all your unwanted filth and dirt

Every day is a struggle and every night a nightmare

Sadly, for me there is no joyous spring after a dark winter

As you sleep in your cozy rooms

Dreary night visits me

I wonder how long will I bear

The exploitation of my own soul by me

Buildings, Railways and Roads are all fruits of my labor

But never have I sought a penny beyond my need

Denied and repelled by all

I stand aside and see

I watch your step down from sedans

With no boots on, I envy, bare feet become my sole carrier

I turn to God

Is this how much my God loves me?

Love for few and none for me

Help, Help, Help

I cry to the angels above

Is my voice heard yet left unheard?

Wondering if there is anything in store for me

How would you know the plight of a laborer?

Remnants is all that I have ever seen

Hatred, stigma and banishment are your kind gifts

Touch me once and I hope you feel

For even I was once a soul in an eternal bliss.


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