Short Stories for Kids

I want to write a few stories for children who are growing up in India with a totally different understanding of the world. The technology savvy and kids who connect more to electronic devices than to people. It is so cliché to write a book and telling stories about a bear in the woods. But maybe it would be a better idea to mix it with technology and give a more realistic tinge to the stories. The infusion of morals and kindness with a more modern thought is necessary.


Once upon a time there was a boy called John. John loved watching cartoons on the television. He always wondered if he could ever meet some of the cartoon characters in real. His favourite cartoon character was “Treesta”. Treesta was a tree cartoon which used to spread happiness to all who came to her. John loved trees and he had also named a tree outside his home as Treesta. John had sowed Treesta a few years ago as a small kid.

While watching cartoons one day, he realized that the wind outside was strong. The wind came gushing through the window. John thought that it would be a good idea to close the window. As he went near the window he realized that Treesta was shaking because of the strong wind. John got worried that the wind might uproot the tree. He rushed to his mom to ask whether Treesta would fall because of the wind. His mom relied to John saying, “Don’t worry son, Treesta is strong and resilient. It won’t fall so easily.” John went back to the window and noticed that the wind has suddenly stopped. He saw Treesta still standing. He rushed outside and hugged Treesta. John realized that Treesta was there to stay with him forever.

Moral of the story: Be strong and faithful when in doubt.




Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sarah. She loved drawing. She used to draw whatever came to her mind. One fine Sunday morning, Sarah’s family decided to take her to the zoo. She saw a big bear in the zoo. She wanted to go near the bear. But her parents told her that it could be dangerous as it is a giant animal. Amazed by the animal she came back home and started drawing a bear. As she started drawing, she saw that the bear came to life from the drawing. Sarah was scared upon seeing the bear. But the bear said, “Don’t be scared. I won’t harm you. I am your friend.” The bear and Sarah spoke for long hours. She was no more scared of the bear. After a while the bear told her that it was now time for him to go home. The bear then went back inside the drawing and disappeared. Sarah felt less scared from bears now.

Moral of the story: Learn rather than fear about difference.



Once upon a time there was a small boy named Kevin. Kevin loved eating chocolates. Whenever he went outside he would ask his parents to buy him a chocolate. One evening he went to the market with his dad and bought a chocolate. After eating the chocolate, Kevin threw the wrapper on the ground. the Seeing this his dad asked, “Kevin! Why did you throw wrapper in a public place?” Kevin was surprised and did not know what to say. His dad politely asked him to pick up the wrapper and throw it in the dustbin nearby. He told him that, “We should keep our country clean because a clean country is a healthy country.” Kevin smiled at this and always remembered to throw the wrappers in the dustbin.

Moral of the story: Cleanliness both at public places and at home is the duty of a good citizen.

Short Stories for Kids

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