A twenty one year old boy rapes a minor, man beats his wife to death over dowry, baby died due to inadequate facilities in government hospital and so on. This is the news which we see in our newspapers every day. The idea of India Shining has fallen to the grounds and is biting the dust. Successive governments irrespective of their ideologies are unwilling to take blame for any corrupt action pervaded by them resulting in a weak democracy.

The rudimentary problem is that the current legal system is at fault. The democratic setup has led to massive usurpation of powers within the hands of few and the spirit of democracy has been eroded by the formation of a vicious circle between the executive, legislature and judiciary.  The only viable option to replace democracy lies in dictatorship as a form of government. Colossal political abuse by a nexus between bureaucrats and politicians can be put to an end through granting of powers in a righteous leader. The collective interest of few leading politicians along with the western corporate houses has resulted into the diminution of “development for the poor”. The dichotomy is not with dictatorship but with conferring power to a leader who can for the sake of people impose limitations on the people. If a leader is virtuous in nature then his decisions will be beneficial to the society as a whole.  In the present context I mean dictatorship is to control abuses, not to suppress freedom.

Conception behind dictatorship is to form a positive dictatorship and not to suppress or hamper upon the liberties of the citizens. Such a form of government merely provides with the restrictions upon the citizens. The justice delivery mechanism is at grave fault in the present democracies and any form of redressal is almost next to impossible for a downtrodden man. This is due to absence of any authority or overseer who protects such rights of the citizens equally. With the replacement of democracy a stable form of government will be present to address such issues. Even after sixty six years of an independent India development is virtually absent in the country which clearly reflects the inability of the democratic government to instill a firm and bold economic regime. The crux of the matter lies in the acceptance of dictatorship as a form of government and there have been dictatorial governments which have provided decent lifestyles to its citizens. Let us look at the case of Brunei with Hassanal Bolkiah as their Sultan. Brunei people relish one of the premier standards of living in the world. While on the other hand European countries and US are in the midst of budget deficit.

Democracy has been shredded to tiny pieces and we have to move forward with dictatorship being a feasible solution to rid us of the inequalities prevailing in the society. All in all, it is obvious that dictatorship is not ineludibly malevolent, unethical, and tyrannical in nature.



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